Metro and You

One of the things that makes Cherry Hill Park a popular place to stay while visiting Washington, DC is our access to the Metro system-DC’s public transportation. For a quick primer, check out the following video:

This fantastic video (made by our own Mike Raybourne) is just a bit out of date, however. Metro no longer does paper transfers between rail and bus; and their fare system has changed a bit and become a little more complicated. Your Metro fare is based on the time of day that you travel and which station you go to. To make things easier for you when you visit, we sell all of the tickets and tokens you need to make your way downtown. Here’s an example of what it costs to make our most common round trip from Cherry Hill to  the Archives/Navy Memorial stop near the National Mall in DC.

Off peak               Peak            P-o-t-P          Senior

CP-UMD->Archives          $2.15                   $3.65            $3.85             $1.80

Off-Peak (9:30AM-3:30PM; 7PM-Close; All day weekends and federal holidays)

Peak      (Open-9:30AM; 3:30PM-7PM Weekdays)

Peak-of-the-Peak (20-cent surcharge 7:30AM-9:30AM; 4:30PM-6PM)

At Cherry Hill, we sell a variety of Metro farecards designed to get you into town without the headache of using the machines at the station.

Off-Peak          Peak/Off Peak      Peak/Peak      Senior

$4.80                       $6.65                   $8.30            $10

So what does it all mean? Well, for the most part, we sell everything you need. The $6.65 farecard will cover you for a peak/off peak round trip, and will be what you need even if you travel during peak-of-the peak one way. If you have leftover fare you can roll it over onto a new farecard at the machines in the station.

People will ask us, “Do you sell a 7-day pass?” The answer is, we don’t. For the most part, it’s not a good investment unless you’re riding to several different stops throughout the day, but the vast majority of our guests make a simple round trip to the National Mall and back.

Single-day round trips           =     (5 x $6.65)+(2 x $4.80)=$42.85

Metro 7-day pass                     =                                                    $47.00

All-day passes for 7 days        =    (7 x $9.00)                        = $63.00

In addition, if you elect to take the Metrobus from our park to the College Park Metro station, the cost is $1.70 per person going each way. Therefore, the most common Metro cost (Weekday peak/off and 2 bus tokens) is:

(1 x $6.65) + (2 x $1.70)=$10.05

What it comes down to is that the fare structure is complicated. The important thing is that we understand it, and we’ll make sure you have what you need to visit DC.

Next time, we’ll discuss the SmarTrip card.


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