Cherry Hill Park wins 2010-2011 ARVC Plan-It-Green Award!

Cherry Hill Park was given the Plan-It-Green award by the Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) at the annual convention this past fall. Cherry Hill was twice awarded National Campground of the Year by this same organization.  The Plan-It-Green award  recognizes one campground each year for  exemplary ecofriendly programs.

What’s so green about what we do here?

Every campsite at Cherry Hill Park will be wind powered in 2011.

We have solar electric panels on the roof of the office which make about one third of the electricity used in that building.  The rest of the  electricity used in the campground comes from wind, making Cherry Hill Park one of the few businesses in the Washington DC area to have 100% of their power from renewable resources.  The wind power is generated at regional wind farms and purchased for use at the campground.

Additionally, there are 2 other solar arrays on location.  Solar energy makes hot water for our  Conference Center building with all of its many activities.  Solar panels create hot water to be used for our coin laundry, showers,  sinks, hot tub and Café. On a typical sunny day we are able to heat and store 500 gallons of 155 degree water.   Other solar panels on the roof of the Conference Center heat the swimming pools.


This is probably the most important of our green initiatives.  Cherry Hill Park has been recycling steel, aluminum, plastic, newspaper and cardboard for over 20 years.

In 2010, thanks to our guests, we were collecting the equivalent of 17 – 50 gallon bags of recycling material every day in the summer.  We have recycling bins at each trash station, located at every corner.

Public Transportation.

Underestimated as an environment friendly activity, riding the bus and subway to visit the sights of Washington DC is not only the best way to get downtown, but it is also green.

Pretty cool. huh?

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