Less Obvious Things To Do in DC: Vol. I

Math! Not Really!

Quick. We’re going to do some word association.

DC Museums: _________________

(You said “Smithsonian”, didn’t you.)

Yes. The Smithsonians are great. Crazy great. But the Washington area has many other museums to see (as demonstrated by the meticulously prepared Venn diagram above), many of which are not operated by the federal government. Why is this important? Because in the very unlikely event that the federal government shuts down (taking the Smithsonian museums with it), there’s still plenty to see. Here’s a partial list of non-Federally operated museums:

And that’s just the museums IN Washington, DC-not counting the Maryland and Virginia suburbs, Baltimore, Annapolis-what it comes down to is that there’s tons to see in the Nation’s Capital. Even if the federal government did shut down (it won’t), taking the Smithsonians temporarily out of play, we’ve got your museums right here, pal.

One thought on “Less Obvious Things To Do in DC: Vol. I

  1. Glad you wrote this post! I just spent a week in DC, and did visit some Smithsonian museums. Next year when we go, I’d like to see the Newseum & The National Geographic museum (why is that not on your list?), per recommendations. It’s nice to have this list to reference! 🙂

    I did enjoy the Smithsonian, I have to say. Thanks for the inspiration!

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