Got Kids?

There’s so much to do in Washington, DC that sometimes it can be hard to choose which stop to make first. The whole family–kids included–is in for a treat with this great list of activities all found in our nation’s capital.

1. National Zoo

Lions, tigers and pink flamingos oh my! Plus it’s free. What’s not to love?

2. National Museum of Natural History

A personal favorite. Be sure to check out the dinosaurs and the Hope Diamond.

3. National Air and Space Museum

Incredible exhibits for all the aspiring NASA kids out there. Also don’t forget to ask if any of the night guards have ever seen Amelia Earhart come to life at night.

4. Discovery Theater

Great classic stories and folklore that entertain all ages.

5. National Museum of American History

Fantastic exhibits that are educational and interesting. Visit the Spark! Lab for a hands-on experience about transportation in America.

6. Bureau of Engraving and Printing

See money being printed while you learn about US currency with a guided tour.

7. Washington Monument

(a.k.a. the big pencil) If you can get (free) tickets in advance, it is definitely worth entering this historic building.

8. Nationals Baseball Game

Enjoy peanuts and cracker jacks while you watch the best baseball team defeat whoever they’re up against. Make sure to root for Teddy Roosevelt during the Presidents’ Race in the fourth inning.

9. Six Flags America

If you love roller coasters, rides, shows and a refreshing water park, Six Flags is a great place to spend a day!

10. Great Falls and The C&O Canal

Great Falls is an excellent way to enjoy all the wildlife around DC. You can walk or bring your bikes to ride along the C&O Canal or kayak along the river. There are great rocks to climb on the trail at Great Falls that the adventurous amongst you are sure to enjoy!

Hopefully one or more of these activities listed will help you decide what to do on your visit to DC!

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