I feel the earth move under my feet

If you were in the DC area August 23, you probably felt the earthquake that reached over a dozen US states. Starting northwest of Richmond, Virginia, the earthquake managed to shake up quite a bit of land, even several Canadian provinces. In Washington, DC, minor damage was found in the Washington National Cathedral (flying buttresses cracked), the Embassy of Ecuador in Washington, DC (walls and chimneys cracked), the Smithsonian Castle (turrets damaged), the National Museum of Natural History (specimen jars cracked), and lastly the Washington Monument (cracks near the top). None of the damage seems to be permanent, and will hopefully be repaired soon, although the Washington Monument is said to be closed indefinitely.

On an interesting side note, animals have been known to react to natural disasters before the fact, in anticipation of what is to come. A few instances at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park show evidence to this–fifteen minutes before the quake, the red-ruffed lemurs sounded an alarm, seconds before, the apes rushed to the top of a tree-like structure, abandoning their food during feeding time, and immediately before, the flamingos grouped and huddled together in a flock.

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