Details on the Expansion Project

Thanks to everyone for your interest and support on our expansion project!Abigail Adams Cabin

We’d like to take this time to answer a few questions that were asked:

1) How long will the project take to be completed?
Our timeline is constantly being adjusted. We had originally expected to break ground at the start of Spring 2012, however due to logistical complications, we had to push the date to late Summer. We are now expected to begin no later than late July to early August. As for how long the entire project will take, we will not have an exact estimate until we officially break ground. However our rough estimate would be 11 months.

2) What will the cabins look like?
We are working with the county to finalize the design of the cabins, however we expect to have two different types of cabins: the first will be a stick-built log cabin with two bedrooms, a kitchen, 1 bathroom, a living room area and an outdoor porch. Most of these will be on piers and we will reserve at least two for handicap access. The second type of cabin will be a replica of the first, but will include a third bedroom.

3) What is a splash ground and what will it include?
A splash ground—or splash park—is a zero-depth swimming pool with water shooting up from the ground. In other words, a very fancy sprinkler to play in. It will contain a variety of components, from a small fountain to a feature with buckets that spill over with water. A future post will include the layout design of the splash ground. The bathhouse that will be built next to the splash park will include a laundromat, which gives Cherry Hill Park a much needed second laundry facility.

4) How will the campground be impacted?
Almost all of the construction will take place in an area adjacent to the existing campground. If you are familiar with our cottages, most of the new facilities will be in those areas. This means that when the construction starts, everyone will be able to see the progress.

Thanks again for your interest, and we will keep you posted as the project begins!

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