New Metro rates and policies effective July 1, 2012

Metro fares have increased in 2 ways.  The price has gone up, but more significantly, Metro now charges more for paper farecards than plastic Smartrip cards.  For multi day users it is more economical to purchase smartrip cards for each rider.  Smartrip cards are available in the office for $5.

Currently, the Smartrip cards come without a “loaded” fare.  That is to say the Smartrip cards have a zero balance and you must “load” or add fare to the card at the Metro Rail station from machines located at the rail stations.  We recommend that you use a credit card.

Paper farecards are still available at our office and at all Metro Rail stations, but there is now a $1 surcharge for each trip when using paper farecards.

For your convenience, the office has paper farecards available for the following round trips, with the surcharge included:

College Park to Archives or Smithsonian non-rush               $7.50

($2.75 each way with smartrip card)

Greenbelt to Archives or Smithsonian non-rush               $9.00

($3.50 each way with smartrip card)

College Park to Archives or Smithsonian rush                             $10.10

($3.90 or $4.05 each way with smartrip card)

All day rail pass, unlimited use                                                        $14

(this pass is best for people riding Metro at least 3 times during one day)


1. Bus Fares are $1.60 each way with a Smartrip card and $1.80 each way using cash.

2. You may ride the bus using your new Smartrip card.  The system will debit $1.60 from the card which will count against your balance once you load the card at the Metro rail station machines.

3. We recommend using credit cards to load your smartrip card at the machines.  Cash is not always processed accurately.

4. Senior fares are reduced by different amounts depending on Rush or Non-Rush.  There is a Senior Smartrip card available in the office.  It also sells for $5 and must be loaded at the Metro rail station.  The office carries a senior paper farecard for $10.  The rail surcharge for using the senior paper farecard is $0.50

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