Touring DC

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed while touring.  There is so much to see and there often is not enough time to visit everything.  When you feel like you don’t know where to start, sometimes the best thing to do is let someone else take the lead.  Here are a variety of DC tours that might give you the DC experience you’re looking for:

1. Open Top Sightseeing–Choose any, or a combination, of the four routes on the Open Top Sightseeing map.  This is a hop-on, hop-off tour, which means you get to “hop-off” and look around at any of the available stops for as long as you please, and then “hop-on” another bus when it arrives (the buses arrive at regular intervals), giving you the structure of a touring route, with the flexibility of the hop-on, hop-off option.  The tour lines offer a variety of different sightseeing options, including Georgetown, the National Mall,  and Arlington.

2. Old Town Trolley–These tours include a variety of options as well, including hop-on, hop-off tour lines and the DC Duck Tour, which gives you a view of DC from the Potomac River.  The hop-on, hop-off routes are similar to the Open Top Sightseeing routes, but vary slightly, and the atmosphere of the trolley is sometimes preferred over the bus (especially by children).

3. Bike Tours with Bike and Roll and Bike The Big Capital–For athletes and non-athletes alike, biking tours are a blast. They tend to be leisurely and fun ways of exploring DC.  Bike and Roll explores great sites in Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA, and Bike The Big Capital tours aim to show you the backstreets of DC and give tourists a feel for local life.  A variety of tours are available depending on your preference, and all have exciting, different themes.

4. DC By Foot–FREE (tips are recommended) walking tours given by expert guides.  And did I mention these tours are free?  DC By Foot offers different tours–from Capitol Hill to the Tidal Basin–and all are family oriented.  They usually last only a couple hours and span roughly one mile.

5. Gray Line–For everything and anything not covered above, Gray Line offers a wide variety of tours including sightseeing for Gettysburg and Mt. Vernon.  This is the same company that runs the Open Top Sightseeing, so on their website you will find that option as well.  If you are in the campground, you can ask anyone in the main office for more information on Gray Line tours and they will be happy to help, as well as sell you the tickets, right from the office.

Happy holidays from all of us at Cherry Hill Park and we hope you have a wonderful New Year!

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