Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The Washington Nationals are getting ready for a great season!  Opening day is Monday, April 1 against the Marlins.  You can view the regular season calendar here.  It’s an easy commute from Cherry Hill Park to the stadium:

1. Take the 83 bus that picks you up from inside the campground
2. Exit the bus at College Park Metro Station (or Greenbelt Metro Station on Sundays)
3. Board the green Metro line in the direction of Branch Ave
4. Follow the green line until you get to Navy Yard Metro Station. From there, walk out of the station and you’ll be a block away from the Nationals’ Stadium. (If you see a crowd of people in red, you know you’re in the right place!)

Nats games are exciting for everyone–even if you’re not entirely a baseball fan, the overall experience and atmosphere makes it worth a visit.  Enjoy Ben’s Chili Bowl’s Original Chili Half-Smoke and the Presidents’ Race during the 4th inning.  And be sure to look out for the new addition to the race: William Taft!

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