On the SmarTrip and Additional Farecards

Hello all! I’d like to use this post to explain, in further detail, the DC Metro Farecards.

As you may know, in the Cherry Hill Park office, we sell two types of Metro Farecards: plastic Smartrip Cards and paper Farecards.  Metro prefers people to use SmarTrip cards, so there is an additional $1 surcharge to EVERY TRIP when using a paper farecard.  Despite the surcharge, if you plan on going to town for just 1 day, paper farecards may be the better option.  If you are going down multiple days or are driving to Metro, the SmarTrip Card is better.  Smartrip Cards work for parking, the bus and the subway, as well as the Circulator Bus.  It is easy to add fare to Smartrip Cards from the machines at each subway station.

Here are the available SmarTrip Cards at the Cherry Hill Park office:

1. $5 unloaded Senior card.  Comes with no value but Seniors (65 and older) who use this card get discounted fare.

*As of 10/1/13 Senior cards are $2 with no fare value*

2. $10 loaded fare.  Comes loaded with $5 of fare value.

*As of 10/1/13 regular SmarTrip Cards are $10 and come with $8 of fare value*

3. $15 loaded one day pass.  Comes loaded with one day, unlimited subway rides, and you can add fare for additional days AFTER using it for the first day.

Here are the available Farecards at the Cherry Hill Park office:

1. $7.50 is good for 1 round trip subway ride, non-rush hour from College Park to downtown. (For example the Archives/Navy Memorial or Smithsonian stations.)

2. $9.00 is good for 1 round trip subway ride, non-rush hour from Greenbelt to downtown. (For example the Archives/Navy Memorial or Smithsonian stations.)  The $9.00 farecard is also good for 1 non-rush hour ride and one rush hour ride from College Park to downtown.

3. $10.10 is good for 1 round trip subway ride, rush hour from College Park to Archives/Navy Memorial.

4. $14 one day pass is good for unlimited rides for one day, anytime, rush or non-rush hour.

5. $10 Senior farecard allows Seniors to make 2 round trips to downtown DC.

Please note that fare can be added to either a farecard or smartrip card. There are blue machines at the entrance to all subway stations where fare can be added.  Machines take cash or credit cards.  Additionally, there are exit fare machines near the exit gates if additional fare is needed to leave the system.  Extra fare on a farecard can be transferred to a smartrip card at machines in subway stations.

And of course any additional questions you may have will be happily answered by any of the office employees!

You can find all of this information as well on the Metrorail website:
For information on fares click here.
For information about the vending machine use click here.

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