Your Smithsonian Guide

With all the Smithsonian museums (and the Smithsonian’s Zoo!) available to see, it can be hard to figure out which ones to visit first.  Here’s a list of all your options and a bit of a description to help you out!

1. The Smithsonian Castle-The first Smithsonian building, the Castle holds all administrative offices, the visitor’s center and general information on the Smithsonian Institutions as well as James Smithsonian himself!

2. African American History and Culture Museum-A walk through African American history in the US, with artifacts such as Harriet Tubman’s personal items and boxing headgear worn by Muhammad Ali.

3. African Art Museum-Largest public museum of African art in the United States, holding  over 9,000 pieces.

4. Air and Space Museum-Everything and anything related to flight!

5. Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center-Located near Dulles International Airport, featuring the space shuttle Discovery and other artifacts too large for the Air and Space Museum on the National Mall.

6. American Art Museum-All forms of art from American history and today, including the works of Nam June Paik and Georgia O’Keeffe.

7. American History Museum-A look at all the aspects of American history that have led us to modern US times. 

8. American Indian Museum-History and interactive teachings of Native American history with an intricate architectural museum design.

9. Anacostia Community Museum-Culture and contemporary issues in urban society.

10. Arts and Industries Building-Currently closed for renovation, will reopen in 2014; exhibits to be announced.

11. Freer Gallery of Art-Displays of art from all over Asia.

12. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden-Contemporary art as well as an adjoining sculpture garden, perfect for the warm days coming up.

13. National Zoo-What more could you want in a zoo? Come see around 2,000 animals, including our famous giant pandas.

14. Natural History Museum-“See history come alive” and see for yourself the featured exhibits that you’ve watched in Night at the Museum.

15. Portrait Gallery-Portraits of monumental people in our Nation’s history.

16. Postal Museum-A history of US mail service, including a variety of historical postage stamps.

17. Renwick Gallery-Contemporary arts and crafts.

18. Sackler Gallery-Contemporary Asian artwork and sculptures.

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