‘A’ Rated for 2014 by GuestRated

We are so proud to have gotten another ‘A’ Grade from Guest Rated. Out of the 4,000 campgrounds that work with GuestRated, only 34 have attained an ‘A’ rating for 2014. That’s less than 1%! We are overjoyed that our guests felt that we belonged in this upper echelon of campgrounds. We want to thank everyone who took the time to review us and give us feedback.

This is our 6th time getting an A rating from GuestRated and our 5th year in a row (yeah, there was a year in there where we got an A-, but apparently that doesn’t count). Unlike other online review sites, GuestRated asks very in depth questions in their surveys, so it is a great way to help us to identify our strengths and weaknesses. We are continually striving to give our guests the best experience and getting continual feedback, good or bad, really helps us to achieve this.

Thanks to all of our guests for the great feedback. We would definitely give our guests an ‘A’ rating as well. You guys deserve it!

For more information on GuestRated and to see the full list of ‘A’ graded park, you can take a look here.


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